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What Types Of Joint Pains?

Pain in the joints of the hands, feet, fingers, and knees is a fairly common phenomenon among the adult population. According to the results of national studies, for example, in the US, a third of the adult population has experienced joint pain during the last 30 days. Joint pain is the second most common (after cold and SARS) reason for seeking help from doctors.

Pain in the joints can have a very different intensity: from slightly unpleasant to exhausting, sometimes even unbearable, which impairs the quality of life and requires medical assistance. You can Go with medication, Must Buy Arctic Blast.

Acute pain, which can go away after several weeks, and chronic pain, which lasts from several weeks to months, almost constantly, is distinguished by duration.

The main causes of joint pain

The main mechanism that triggers the onset of pain is the inflammatory process (inflammation). The common name for inflammatory processes in the joints is arthritis. If the inflammation affects several joints at the same time, it is called polyarthritis.

Arthritis can be an independent disease or symptoms of many other conditions and diseases, such as:

  • Mechanical Injury (Including Sports Injuries)
  • Forced Long Positions Of Arms, Shoulders, Back (Pianist’s Arthritis, Programmer’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Etc.)
  • Systemic Autoimmune Diseases – When The Body’s Immune System “Attacks” Its Own Organs, Tissues
  • Metabolic Diseases
  • Acute Infectious Diseases
  • Degenerative-Dystrophic Diseases
  • Tumors

In turn, chronic joint disease, which is characterized by gradual damage to the structure of particular cartilage with subsequent changes in the bones, ligaments, synovial membrane, is called osteoarthritis. People usually get sick after 40-50 years, and women – twice as often.

Pain in the joints of the hands: carpal joint or finger joints

It is important cause of pain in the hands can be occupational diseases related to hand overload, for example, in a violinist or computer programmer, who work with monotonous, repetitive movements of the fingers and hand.

For example, among people who use a non-ergonomic keyboard or mouse for a long time, carpal tunnel syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome, which is manifested by characteristic pain in the hand, occurs.

Pain in the shoulder and elbow joint

Quite often, it occurs as a result of a blow during a fall, bruise, dislocation during careless movement or other trauma, which, in turn, causes inflammation of the tendons (otherwise – tendinitis, tendovaginitis) or the synovial bag of the joint (otherwise – bursitis).

In addition to arthritis of various origins, pain in the elbow joint can also be caused by neuropathy of the ulnar nerve (nerve compression due to narrowing of the canal due to trauma, inflammation, or degenerative changes).

Pain in a separate joint of the arm or leg

It can occur with a disease such as gout – the so-called gouty arthritis. Most often, gouty arthritis mainly affects small joints (toes and hands), less often – shoulder, elbow, carpal, ankle, or knee joints. The cause of gout is a metabolic disorder, namely an increased level of uric acid in the blood, which occurs during the metabolism (exchange) of proteins.

Pain in the hip joint

The cause of pain in the hip (or hip) joint is most often the destruction of the cartilage tissue inside the joint. At an older age, such circumstances as the development of osteoporosis (that is, a decrease in the density of bone tissue, accordingly, the bone becomes fragile), as well as a violation of the blood supply to the joint due to vascular changes, significantly increase the risk of fracture of the femoral neck.

Therefore, especially in the middle (44-60 years) and old (60-75 years) age, it is necessary to periodically check the density of bone tissue, for example, with the help of a special examination – densitometry.

It is also worth regularly consuming products containing calcium, for example, cheese, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, cabbage, meat, fish. For the prevention of osteoporosis, doctors often prescribe calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Pain in the knee joint

Pain in the knee joints often occurs as a result of mechanical injury, such as sports, or prolonged knee overload. It would seem that a “healthy” sport – running – could not cause problems with the knee or other joints, but it is the failure to follow training rules, lack of quality warm-up, and especially unadapted sports shoes are the cause of pain in the joints of the legs and knees.

Children who have signs of flat feet (curvature of the foot) should be consulted by a traumatologist about possible medical procedures, physical therapy, and use of supinators for shoes.

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