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Signs Of The Development Of The Inflammatory Process In The Joint

Inflammation is a process that occurs when the body’s cells start to react to an injury or infection. Inflammation can lead to pain, swelling, and redness in the area where the injury or infection occurred.

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There are a number of signs that can point to the development of an inflammatory process in the joint.

  • Joint Pain When Moving, Pain When Touching The Joint;
  • Impaired Joint Mobility;
  • Swelling And Deformation (Change Of Shape) Of The Joint;
  • Redness In The Joint;
  • Joint “Hot” To the touch.

Thus, the clinical picture of arthritis of the joint includes its swelling, redness, swelling, joint “warm to the touch”, as well as limited mobility; in complicated cases, significant deformation of the joint, damage to adjacent bones and complete loss of its function is possible.

Treatment Of Joint Pain

As mentioned above, joint pain occurs due to an inflammatory process (inflammation). During inflammation in the “problem” area increases the concentration of inflammatory mediators – substances that act directly on nerve receptors, causing us to feel pain and a local increase in vascular permeability, which leads to the formation of edema.

This creates the effect of “expansion” and impaired joint mobility. Therefore, your doctor will usually prescribe painkillers for joint pain. Joint pain is most often treated with no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – these can be ointments that act locally, reduce pain, inflammation and edema.

Physicians may also recommend tablets or capsules for oral administration to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It should be noted that drugs should be taken as prescribed by a doctor, because, for example, classic anti-inflammatory drugs, can cause heartburn, gastritis and even bleeding.

Therefore, they are usually used for a short course, and at the same time recommend. At the same time, modern forms of production of these tools are safer and faster.

In general, the treatment of arthritis is mostly conservative: rest, medications, physiotherapy and spa treatment.

Sometimes, in the presence of severe complications, resort to surgery – due to severe changes in the joint due to arthritis, it is necessary to replace such a joint with an artificial one.

When You Need To See A Doctor

  • In Case Of Injury – Dislocation Or Fracture Of The Joint;
  • With Severe Pain;
  • When It Is Impossible To Fall Asleep;
  • With Long-Term Acute Pain That Is Poorly Amenable To Treatment;
  • At Elevated Temperature;
  • With Signs Of Joint Deformation (Distortion);
  • With Exacerbation Of Accompanying Chronic Diseases That Cause Pain In The Joint.

Prevention Of Joint Pain

The following measures can prevent the development of joint pain:

  • Normalization Of Weight, In Case Of Excess Weight – Its Reduction;
  • Daily Moderate Physical Activity, For Example, Walking 8,000 Steps;
  • Do Not Overload the Joints Excessively (Form the Correct Posture, Avoid Injuries, Running Shoes, Correction of Flat Feet, Etc.);
  • Adherence to the Principles of Healthy Eating.

Healthy Lifestyle

“Motion is life!” – Not only a well-known statement, but a real recommendation of doctors to preserve, restore and strengthen health. For joint health, and for general well-being, moderate exercise should be performed daily.

And don’t overdo it, exercise in jumps or marathons – the usual habit of walking, walking in the fresh air will bring tangible benefits to your health. So, be healthy and enjoy walking!

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